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A Fly In Amber


The Lore was not preserved like a fly in amber. It is a heritage, a legacy, but must point us in positive directions today! Otherwise, we're doing no better than the Christians, who long for gardens in Palestine and rewards in another people's heaven. We need to be as modern as tomorrow's space shuttle launch, giving folk today thews valid and flexible enough to allow them to walk as modern folk along a path true to themselves.

Alliances must exist between the many groups in the Germanic heathen Innangardh as a whole.

The AngloSaxons differ from "Norse Asatruar", while the Irminenmenn from both, and I differ from you.  We need to remember that Hospitality is a Noble Virtue, and must also not be abused. We share a lot in common... and we must also recognize that there is a healthy diversity of tribes among our greater Folk, each with differing emphasis.

Alliances between people must be sought out by chieftains, at the behest of their folk. This "individual seeking" done online today, with each voice artificially equal, is unnatural.

These self-appointed and individual “chieftains” show their profound lack of understanding of the Lore, of our history, of the Gods themselves outside their own narrow experience (and may even not understand that) when they don't try to take a place amongst their folk, rather then keeping aloof form law, custom, tradition and common effort. Taking one's place means agreeing to abide by the rules. It also presupposes that those among whose number you are joining will keep their part of the bargain, and that you all will hold your leaders' feet to the fire.

People today are all too willing to "self-outlaw", picking and choosing from among the thews to match decisions they've already made, with some even willing to upset the entire applecart just to see the apples scatter about the floor.  Remember what I said about berserkers: they are generally portrayed in the Sagas as bullies.

People need to realize that their voices are of value when they serve the common good.